“It’s not the mountain, we conquer, but ourselves!”


Image result for top of Mount Everest 360 degrees

View from the top of Mount Everest


picture from http://www.climbingmountainsandchasingdreams.wordpress.com

Throughout my whole life I have sought new ways to exercise my mind and when I stopped F1 I had to find a new challenge,’ Katayama told me in Overdrive. ‘Driving racing cars and climbing mountains look completely different but they are actually very similar. For both racing drivers and mountaineers the battle is totally within, against yourself.

‘In Formula 1 you’re always pushing to gain thousandths of a second under braking, and you have to push yourself in exactly the same way on the mountains. One in 13 mountaineers dies due to falls, hidden crevasses and avalanches. Everyone living on the edge like that is the same. In my case, it is only in an environment like that I can feel truly free.’

This may seem like a curious type of freedom to those of us who have…

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